Keeping you in the public eye

Getting you into the best sites

High visibility for your business is one of our key aims - we distribute to many sites that are heavily trafficked by the general public, so your brochure has a greater chance of being picked up, and your name is seen by many thousands of potential visitors - the more people who see your image, the more they recognise the name, the greater chance that a visit will be triggered.

By selecting only quality sites that have proven their worth, we ensure the best possible value for our clients. Predominantly, we distribute to:

  • Tourist Information Centres
  • Supermarkets and Stores
  • Fast food outlets
  • Restaurants 
  • Public Houses
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Hotels 
  • Guest Houses
  • Stena Ship & Port
  • Self-catering cottages
  • Caravan Parks
  • Libraries

...and many other types of outlet - currently numbering over 1000.

We own the franchises to exclusively display your brochures in the following sites:

  • Travel Lodges
  • Premier Inns
  • Little Chef
  • Cardiff Gate Services, M4
  • Sarn Park Services, M4


Key Outlets

Certain key outlets with a prime location and high pedestrian tourist traffic have proved to have exceptionally high brochure-pick-up rates, and our stands are the most prominent in many such locations, for example, Travel Lodges, fast food chains, supermarkets, major attractions and large caravan parks. All SA marketing clients are ensured a highly visible presence in these outlets via large hand-made wooden stands.


A professional face to your business

When we are distributing your brochure, we always remember that we are acting as ambassadors for your name - our vehicles and our staff are well presented and, most importantly, are always polite and helpful to the proprietors of each outlet we use.

All our stands are regularly serviced to ensure they are both well-stocked and maintained in a neat and tidy condition.